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Hebert Engineering & Design Co.  is a product development company located in Connecticut. We have been in the product development business for over 30 years and have developed many products for a wide range of industries. All of our product development is done in our USA office and we can assist you with USA or China manufacturing services and coordination.

Our China office is located in Shanghai. We have our sourcing research, production management, quality control staff located there and we have strong factory relationships that we have developed over the last 20 years.

Our product development company started in 1988 and focused on providing services to inventors, startups and small to medium sized companies. With China’s emerging impact in the world of product manufacturing, HEDC opened an office in mainland China to provide global cost saving advantages to its customers. Additionally with our logistics and fulfillment partners, we have also provided our customers with a full beginning to end service. HEDC has refined its services to include  product design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing outsourcing and has worked with hundreds of clients and products.

About Us




Engineering & Prototyping

Our USA office is responsible for all product development, Prototyping, patents and business services. We also manage every aspect of your project from this location and you will always have one contact that will manage your project.


HEDC -Shanghai China


Sourcing and Quality Control

Our China office manages all factory negotiations, production implementations and will coordinate all quality control operations from this location. This location is  100% bi-lingual and will translate all correspondence with the factories to make sure all your information is managed properly.  


Our Logistics Partners


Logistics and Fulfillment

Our logistics & fulfillment partners have been carefully selected based on price and dependability. We have a long-term relationship with our logistics partners, and they can handle shipping, customs and all aspects of your final delivery. Our fulfillment partners can handle your warehousing, repackaging, shipping and processing for DRTV, online sales and Box store needs.

"Our goal is to build strong partnerships with our clients and we succeed when our clients succeed"