Market Research in China


Collect insights and strategic data within the Chinese Marketplace for New Product launches within China.


China is a business gold mine, this is one of the reasons why the largest American companies have set up shop there to sell their products. With 1.4 billion possible Chinese consumers who like American designed products and associate American products with quality, it is easy to understand why these companies do business there. China is expected to overtake the U.S. to become the world's largest consumer of goods despite a slowdown in the economy and retail sales, according to research reports.

HEDC consults on a broad range of China market research services that cater to every business and data collection needed to succeed in China. Our China market research services include research methods: from answering niche consumer issues on a China market entry-level. Our team provides tailored services to our customers.

Full range of capabilities in China

Our scope of expertise covers consumption patterns,  brand equity, consumer insight, usability testing, competition analysis, feasibility assessment, performance evaluation and so on. 

Providing actionable insights into the Chinese market

These include providing you with access to distribution networks and a clear vision of how to sell in China. We also strive to deliver a comprehensive overview of your competition and to identify what can be your competitive edge in China. Finally, our consumer panel research allows our team to provide valuable insights regarding your Chinese consumer target. We identify your key consumer segment targets, to further adapt your strategy to each market segment. Our team ensures that the research outputs are actionable and decision-oriented to help meet our clients’ business objectives in China. Findings are critically analyzed with our team. Above all, we pay specific attention to elaborate on the research using our methodological processes. It allows our team to offer a service that is specific to your needs and never generic to the industry.

Building comprehensive business projects in China

Our China market research methodologies are often followed-up by practical and strategic consulting solutions. For instance, for a market entry project, market research services will be the foundation of your future business in China. In the case of competition analysis, our team will evaluate who your completion is, how large they are, their distribution network, how strong their foothold is, and how they got there.

Custom methodologies for your Market Research in China

 Our comprehensive services for market research in Shanghai, including primary and secondary data analysis and a broad range of custom collection methods, including:

  • Interviews with Chinese market insiders. Our team will identify the most knowledgeable persons to collect the insights previously determined as key for your ambition in China. 
  • Focus group with Chinese consumers. Our team manages every step of the discussion setup, from consumer recruitment to focus group analysis.
  • Mystery shopping and Store-checks in Shanghai  In-store data is one of the best sources of information to better understand your market and your competition in China. 
  • Desk research and secondary data analysis. Our team will comprehensively collect existing data and literature in your sector of interest. Our managers will screen this secondary data through your business perspective to provide actionable insights on your Chinese market.
  • Frontline data on China’s leading Internet platforms (Baidu, Taobao & Tmall, Weibo, etc.). Our collect highly important statistics defining your potential demand, your target profile, your competition and market trends in China for further study.

Finally, HEDC leverages any data collection methods that will prove to be efficient regarding your particular needs in China. Our team developed tech solutions to extend its reach in terms of insights. 


Why conduct market research in China?

  • Optimize your China market entry 
  • Analyze your industry and size your market
  • Identify your key consumer segment in China
  • Benchmark your competition in China
  • Define your distribution network in China

Our projects are designed to provide a complete insight in

The recommendations from our market research in China will be accompanied by a certain number of documents, in particular:

  • A clear presentation highlighting your key drivers of growth in the Chinese market, with the data and all the information proving this conclusion
  • Industry trends in China, and the elements of a successful marketing strategy 
  • A benchmark of the players in the market in China
  • The Marketing Mix recommended: price, localization, point of sale, etc.
  • Analysis of Chinese Buying habits
  • Recommendations on the selection of providers for market entry 

We provide you with the tools to succeed in your China