our Customers Production

Yard-X Multi-use Garden Tool

A unique 5 in 1 garden tool

Hoe, Rake, Scrape, Edge & Aerate

RV Cover Rescue

Gutter Spout Covering System

Protects Your RV Cover From Gutter Spout Damage

Frogs Feet Suction Cups

Suction Cups that have sealant around the perimeter edge to allow suction on any surface

Mini Mantle

Bed post shelf

HVAC Roof Curb

Roof curbs are raised frames used to mount mechanical equipment, such as air conditioning, exhaust fans, skylights, and more. 

Compactor Trash Can

Kitchen trash can with built in trash compactor in the lid

HVAC Specialty Duct Pliers

Specialty Pliers for assembly and installation for HVAC Ducts


Kitchen tool to drain the liquid from canned foods

Bunker The Golf Ball Dog

Desk art for golfers and dog lovers

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Motion activated soap dispenser

Perfect Pancake

The Original Flip pan for making pancakes

Medicine Cabinet Cosmetic Mirror

Concealed cosmetic mirror within a medicine cabinets door


The end goal is to have our customers ideation's turn into tangible products that are sold in the marketplace. Here are some examples of our customers finished products.

Prototypes we have Built

Medication Organizer

Foldable medication organizer

Liquid Fertilizer Dispenser

Liquid fertilizer dispensing system

Hanging Rod Quick Clamp

a quick lockable bracket that attaches to hanging rod


Motorized trailer mounted snow removal system

Safe-a-shore Boat Ramp

Portable boat ramp that is attached directly to the boat

Visible Man Illumination

Illumination device which is inserted inside a firefighters air mask



Over the last 30 years, we have built a wide range of prototypes using proven methods for many industries. These prototypes have allowed our customers to prove, test, evaluate and test market their product ideas before entering the production phase and the marketplace.

production tooling we have supplied

Punch Dies and Drill Jigs

Punch die sets and drill jigs for the fabrication of shower doors

Vacuum Form Tooling

Aluminum vacuum forming tooling to manufacture a roof curb cap

Cutting Jigs

Cutting jig for over the door transom

Stamping Die

Stamping die for frabricating sheetmetal of roof curbs

Specialty Production Equipment

High accuracy automated assembly machine for dental stripping

Stamping and Punch Die

1 station 2 operation stamping die for manufacturing ventilation damper corner key


Many of our USA manufacturing customers who have factories here in the USA and have used our service to source and fill their production tooling and equipment needs. The tools and machines are constructed overseas to our specifications and are shipped to the USA to be used in their factories and this has proved to provide a substantial savings to our customers. 

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